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Our Potted Plants



Calatheas in pot size 12 form the largest part of the range. Many different and often difficult to grow varieties are grown. Exporters can distinguish themselves perfectly with this.

Our Calatheas are characterized by the clean leaf pattern and that they are full, thick plants. 

Other types of pot plants are also grown on an irregular basis, such as Homalomena Maggy, Citrus Hystrix, Aglaonema. etc.

Soorten Planten


The range of potted plants is readily available between week 16 and week 38. Outside of that, the plants are not available or are available in very small numbers.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to register a product long in advance, as it is not known when what will be available in what quantities.

Koolhaas pot plants specializes in delivering different varieties on a cart.

The plants can be sleeved on request. However, because of the pot size ( 12)  and the strength of the plants, our advice is that this is not necessary.



Koolhaas Potplanten grows and supplies only A1 quality pot plants with a 'whoa!' factor.


Many growers grow potted plants in a limited space with high temperatures so that a lot of length is made in a short time. The advantage is that many plants are grown each year in this way. The plants are indeed tall, but thin and look 'limp' because of this method.


The Koolhaas way is to give the plants space and to cultivate them quietly, with temperatures not too high. As a result, our plants have less length but are full and thick, so that the same plant not only looks much better, but is also stronger. The quality is therefore much better and as an exporter you can distinguish yourself with this.

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