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Koolhaas Potted plants

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Originally cucumbers were grown in Bergschenhoek. The company has been expropriated because of housing construction and a high-speed railway. From the year 2000, the company has continued at Hoeksekade 111H and the cultivation has changed from cucumbers to yellow peppers.

The company is 2ha for a vegetable nursery. modest in size, but already very modern in design. For example, the peppers are grown on hanging gutters that hang completely from the greenhouse construction. Koolhaas was one of the first to grow peppers on hanging gutters. Now, more than 20 years later, a bell pepper nursery is still set up almost identically in terms of layout and cultivation methods. The attention in pepper cultivation is on cultivation and production, the sorting and customer-oriented packaging of the peppers is outsourced to the sales association.


The first tests will be carried out with green pot plants from 2012 onwards. To start, a second-hand potting machine is purchased and an extra attic is built in the barn. There will be stock such as jars, covers and insert labels

The first potted plants are delivered. From 2012, peppers and pot plants will be grown in the greenhouse. New tests are carried out every year and, if suitable, are included in the range. The focus is and will remain on serving direct trade.

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As of this year, investments have been made in a separate department in the pepper greenhouse with roller tables. The plants are poured through the ebb and flow water system. The potted plants department has its own ventilation, screening and heating and is separated from the pepper cultivation by means of transparent sliding walls. Both crops require different temperatures and cultivation settings. The intention is to grow the acreage of pot plants at the expense of the peppers and eventually to have completely switched over to the cultivation of pot plants.


  • We grow Organically and grow environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible (CSR);

  • In the control of diseases and pests we use animal enemies, such as introducing phytoseiulus against spider mites;

  • Water for the plants is collected and reused;

  • Waste is disposed of separately;

  • We have been purchasing heat via the heat network since 2001. We have a 220 m³ buffer so we can use it at night; 

  • We generate 80,000 KW of electricity ourselves through 380 solar panels. We buy the rest as green electricity;

  • Co2 for the growth of the plants comes from the Shell refinery and Alco's bioethanol plant as a waste product;

  • Anthracite-colored plant pots are used that are suitable for recycling.

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